Marc Schut

Contact details:

Name: Dr Marc Schut
Institute: Wageningen University and Research Centre
Department: Knowledge, Technology and Innovation Group
Address: Hollandseweg 1, 6706 KN Wageningen, Bode No.: 79, Room: 4013, the Netherlands
Mobile phone: +31 (0)641 029 028 (Netherlands)/ +255 688 218 981 (Tanzania)/ +229 966 202 85 (Benin)
Landline phone: +31 (0)317 484 635

About Marc:

Marc’s postdoctoral work focuses on understanding the institutional dynamics of parasitic weeds in smallholder rice production in Africa. Marc obtained his PhD in April 2012. His PhD-research focussed on studying the role of research in policy processes. He was involved as policy advisor in Mozambique, conducting research to support the development of a policy framework biofuel sustainability. He conducted fieldwork for the MSc thesis in Ecuador where he studied the contribution of Farmer Field Schools to paradigm shifts in crop protection and agricultural extension.

Major research areas/ expertise: Agricultural innovation systems analysis, interdisciplinary research, action-oriented research
Nationality: Dutch

In the PARASITE project:

Role in the project: Postdoctoral researcher
Subproject: 4 – Sociology and Innovation Systems
Project location: the Netherlands, Tanzania and Benin
Start of the project: 1 January 2012
Expected finish: 31 December 2014

Supervisor: Laurens Klerkx
Co-supervisors: Ton Rotteveel, Paul Van Mele, Gualbert Gbèhounou, Juma Kayeke, Louise Akanvou, Alfons Oude Lansink, Monique Mourits


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