Alfons Oude Lansink

Contact details:

Name: Prof dr ir Alfons Oude Lansink
Institute: Wageningen University and Research Centre
Department: Business Economics Group
Address: Hollandseweg 1, 6706 KN Wageningen, the Netherlands, Bode No.: 56, Room: 6041
Mobile phone: –
Landline phone: +31 (0)317 485 194

About Alfons:

Head of the Business Economics group of Wageningen University.

Major research areas/ expertise: General economics and plant diseases
Nationality: Dutch

In the PARASITE project:

Role in the project: Project leader, PhD-supervisor, scientific advisor
Subprojects: 3 – Socio-economic impact, 4 – Crop protections systems
Project location: The Netherlands, Tanzania, Benin and Côte d'Ivoir
Start of the project: –
Expected finish: –


  • Kanellopoulos, A.; Berentsen, P.B.M.; Ittersum, M.K. van; Oude Lansink, A.G.J.M. (2012) A method to select alternative agricultural activities for future-oriented land use studies. European Journal of Agronomy 40 . – p. 75 – 85.
  • Setiawan, M.; Emvalomatis, G.; Oude Lansink, A.G.J.M. (2012) Industrial concentration and price-cost margin of the Indonesian food and beverages sector. In: Applied Economics. – Applied Economics 44 (29). – p. 3805 – 3814.Taylor & Francis, (44 ).
  • Rodenburg, J.; Gbèhounou, G.; Akanvou, L.; Kayeke, J.; Ast, A. van; Oude Lansink, A.G.J.M.; Demont, M.; Klerkx, L.; Mourits, M.C.M.; Rotteveel, T.; Kyalo, G.; N'Cho, A.S.; Kabiri, S.; Menza, M.K.; Bastiaans, L. (2011) Preparing African rice farmers against parasitic weeds in a changing environment – A new, integrated research project In: Proceedings 11th World Congress on Parasitic Plants, Martina Franca, Italy, 7-12 June, 2011.

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