Aad van Ast

Contact details:

Name: Dr Ing. Aad van Ast
Institute: Wageningen University and Research Centre
Department: Crop Systems Analysis
Email: aad.vanast@wur.nl
Address: CSA, Droevendaalsesteeg 1, 6708 PB Wageningen, the Netherlands
Mobile phone: –
Landline phone: +31 (0)317 483287

About Aad:

Weed scientist at Wageningen University, Crop and Weed Ecology group. Specialisation: research on parasitic weeds (e.g. Striga, Rhamphicarpa).

The main objective of my work is to gain more insight into the dynamics of the parasite – host relationship. Infection of the parasite deregulates the functioning of the host, which results in a reduced growth of the plant and, as a consequence, directly interferes with the quality of the host plant as a host. This has implications for the further development of the parasite, both at the individual (growth of attached parasites) and the population level (increase in number of attachments). In turn, the development of the parasites influences the extent to which a host is affected.

In 2006 I obtained my PhD-degree in Agricultural Sciences at Wageningen University based on a study to explain the influence of time and severity of Striga infection on the sorghum – Striga association.

I am teaching in a number of courses, like Academic Consultancy Training, Cropping Systems and Knowledge of Crops, Ecology and in Research Methods in Crop Science.

I am also involved in the supervision of  MSc- and PhD-students of our group.

Major research areas/ expertise:

  • The influence of time and severity of parasitic weed infection on the crop (sorghum, rice) – parasite (Striga, Rhamphicarpa) association
  • Parasitic weeds: seed bank dynamics
  • The effects of plant nutrition on parasitic weed tolerance and resistance in crops

Nationality: Dutch

In the PARASITE project:

Role in the project: PhD-supervisor, postdoc co-supervisor
Subprojects: 1 – Biology and ecology, 2 – Management Strategies, 3 – Socio-economic impact, 4 – Crop protection systems


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More information:

Link to personal website/ page: http://www.csa.wur.nl/UK/Staff/Dr+Ing.+Aad+van+Ast/