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European Weed Research Society Symposium, Turkey

Lammert Bastiaans will represent the Parasite programme during the 16th symposium of the European Weed Research Society. The Symposium will be held between 24 and 27 June 2013 in Samsun, Turkey. An abstract has been accepted for poster presentation. Both have been uploaded on the Parasite website. For more information, please visit:

MSc-thesis presentation Stefanie Pflug

On 29 May 2013, Stefanie Pflug presented the results of her research conducted at Wageningen University, the Netherlands. In her experiments she studied the interaction between the parasitic weed Rhamphicarpa fistulosa and its host rice (Oryza sativa). The research focussed on two aspects of the host-parasite interaction: 1) The influence of host plant size, developmental stage and parasite size on growth of both

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Willingness of farmers to adopt rice intercrops in Uganda

Stella Kabiri has co-authored a publication that analyses the willingness of farmers to adopt rice intercrops in the Lake Victoria Crescent Agro-ecological Zone of Uganda. Paper summary In Uganda we found that upland rice farmers spent more time cultivating rice, an income crop that is labour intensive, at the expense of other food security crops. The problem was that when rice failed

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Parasite Programme mid-term workshop, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Between 22 and 26 April 2013 the Parasite Programme mid-term workshop was held in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The workshop was attended by 19 participants from the Netherlands, Cote d’Ivoire, Benin, Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. Among the participants were the programme leaders, PhD-candidates, postdoctoral researchers, supervisors, advisors and the FAO Weed Officer who was one of the original co-applicants of the Parasite programme. The main objective of

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Parasite Programme Poster

We have developed a Parasite Programme poster that can be used for promoting our project during conferences, seminars and meetings. The poster includes a general description of the three PhD-projects and the postdoctoral project. Furthermore, the integrated framework and expected results are described. The poster is printed on A0 and A1 format. Please contact Marc Schut when you would like

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Jonne Rodenburg on “Uprooting underground killers”

Parasitic weeds of the genus Striga—also known as witchweeds—are a major threat to upland rice production in several parts of Africa. The roots of Striga seedlings penetrate the root cells of host plants, among them, rice, and leave them weak and unproductive. AfricaRice and its partners are making significant headway in the struggle to control Striga in rice fields across

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Lunch seminar CSA Marc Schut

Postdoc Marc Schut gave a CSA lunch seminar entitled: "Analysis of agricultural innovation in crop protection and extension systems in Tanzania: The case of parasitic weeds in rainfed rice production systems." In the seminar he discussed how he operationalised the Agricultural Innovation Systems approach to study the institutional and political dynamics of parasitic weeds in rainfed, smallholder rice production systems

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MSc-research and colloquium Djoeke Langeloo

In January 2012 I started my MSc thesis research within the Parasite Programme. My research focussed on the reproductive success of the parasitic weeds Striga asiatica and Rhamphicarpa fistulosa. In particular, I explored how the reproductive success was affected by different rice sowing dates, rice varieties and parasitic weed seed densities. The first two aspects were studied in two field

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Articles on research Jonne Rodenburg and Matty Demont in Rice Today

Two Parasite programme team members present their research in the latest edition of Rice Today (January – March 2013 Volume 12(1)). Weed identification tool for African weeds of rice A new interactive tool can now identify nearly 200 different weed species of lowland rice in East and West Africa. Africa Rice Center (AfricaRice) recently unveiled this tool built on a

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Innovation Systems paper Klerkx and Schut published in IDS-bulletin

A paper authored by Parasite project members Laurens Klerkx and Marc Schut has been published in IDS bulletin. Abstract The process of knowledge brokering in the agricultural sector, where it is generally called agricultural extension, has been studied since the 1950s. While agricultural extension initially employed research push models, it gradually moved towards research pull and collaborative research models. The

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Summary postdoc seminar 25 May 2012

On Friday 25 May 2012 Marc Schut organised a seminar about the postdoc research in the postdoc research. The seminar started at 13:00 hr and after the introduction, guest speaker Stephen Sherwood talked about different paradigms in crop protection in his presentation entitled: “Working with conflicting paradigms in IPM; experiences from the Andes”. After a short debate, Lammert Bastiaans continued

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Rhamphicarpa, a growing problem

Please check out this article in Plant Life, news letter on plant sciences of Wageningen UR in which Lammert Bastiaans sheds his light on the growing problems of Rhamphicarpa in different parts of Africa. A major parasitic plant that is thriving in relatively humid low-lying countries in Africa is Rhamphicarpa fistulosa. Rhamphicarpa fistulosa is at home in boggy fields where it finds

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Special issue on parasitic weeds in Weed Science

Weed Science has recently published a special issue on parasitic weeds. The papers are: Aly, R., 2012. Advanced Technologies for Parasitic Weed Control. Weed Sci. 60, 290-294. Eizenberg, H., Aly, R., Cohen, Y., 2012. Technologies for Smart Chemical Control of Broomrape (Orobanche spp. and Phelipanche spp.). Weed Sci. 60, 316-323. Mallory-Smith, C., Colquhoun, J., 2012. Small Broomrape (Orobanche minor) in Oregon

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New paper in Agricultural Systems with contributions of Matty Demont and Jonne Rodenburg

Improving irrigated rice production in the Senegal River Valley through experiential learning and innovation By: Timothy J. Krupnik, Carol Shennan, William H. Settle, Matty Demont, Alassane B. Ndiaye, Jonne Rodenburg More information at: Abstract: Research facilitating farmer–researcher collaboration and experiential learning may provide the missing element to tailor crop management recommendations to meet farmers’ needs. We tested different crop

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