Expected results

  • Insights in environmental effects on parasitic weed success and parasite-host interactions.
  • Information on contamination sources and invasiveness of different parasitic weed species.
  • Insights in the direct and indirect economic losses caused by parasitic weeds.
  • Cost-effective, culturally and socially acceptable parasitic weed control strategies for resource-poor rice farmers (especially women).
  • Fact sheets and training modules on biology and management for extension and farmers.
  • Increased preparedness and responsiveness of responsible organisations to future outbreaks of pests, diseases or weeds through recommendations for institutional innovations.
  • Impulses for agricultural sciences in sub-Saharan Africa consolidated in academic papers, new methodologies and interdisciplinary and inter-institutional linkages.
  • Capacity building of young African professionals and staff at local universities, National Agricultural Research Systems and crop protection services.