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NEW PUBLICATION on Striga spp. in rice

Research on Striga spp. in rice shows genetic variation and host–parasite specificity of resistance and tolerance, underpinning the need for predictive breeding… In a new publication in New Phytologist, scientists of AfricaRice, the University of Sheffield and a host of students and co-workers show that Striga virulence varies across species (S. asiatica and S. hermonthica; see Photo 1) and ecotypes and that the extent of damage these

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Parasite poster during the Netherlands Annual Ecology Meeting (NAEM)

Between 14-15 February 2017, the Netherlands Annual Ecology Meeting (NAEM) was conducted. The meeting was held at  the Conference Centre De Wereld in Lunteren, the Netherlands. The 2017 meeting demarkated the 10th edition of the event and involved high-ranking internationally esteemed scientists. Dennis Tippe presented a poster titled: "Effect of sowing time on parasitic weeds in rain-fed rice production eco-systems”. Please find the

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New PARASITE publications and media

Although PARASITE has officially come to an end, the outputs keep on coming… One of the more recent outputs of the PARASITE-project on the estimated economic losses following parasite weed infestation in rice in Africa, authored by Jonne Rodenburg, Matty Demont, Sander Zwart and Lammert Bastiaans, entitled: "Parasite weed incidence and related economic losses in rice in Africa. Agriculture, Ecosystems

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