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APPLY NOW for the Global Rice Science Scholarship

APPLY NOW for the Global Rice Science Scholarship If you are about to enroll in or conduct your PhD research, you could be part of a new generation of rice scientists with a Global Rice Science Scholarship (GRiSS). The GRiSS offers young scientists the chance to be experts in a scientific discipline relevant to agriculture and to have a broader

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Blog on Parasitic Weeds: “Unknown rice parasite threatens harvests in Africa”

Few agronomists are familiar with Rhamphicarpa fistulosa, a fragile weed with white flowers, from the broomrape family. Yet this root parasite is increasingly affecting rice cultivation in Africa. This has become clear from the initial results of the research programme PARASITE on parasitic weeds in rice in sub-Saharan Africa. The rice pest was described by the Beninese agronomist Gualbert Gbèhounou

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