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Multi-stakeholder workshops in Dassa-Zoumé, Kandi and Tanguiéta, August 2013

Between 19 and 26 August 2013, three multi-stakeholder workshops were organized in Dassa-Zoumé, Kandi and Tanguiéta, Benin. In these three study sites, parasitic weeds in rainfed rice production are eminent. In total, the three workshops were attended by 66 participants. For each workshop, farmers and representatives of government (department and commune level), civil society organisations, private sector, and research and

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Publication: Towards dynamic research configurations

Marc Schut, Annemarie van Paassen, Cees Leeuwis and Laurens Klerkx have published a paper entitled "Towards dynamic research configurations: A framework for reflection on the contribution of research to policy and innovation processes." The conceptual paper builds on Marc's PhD research and postdoc research in the Parasite Programme and analyses the complex role of research and researchers when supporting mulit-actor

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First round of fieldwork postdoc project Benin

Between 17 and 31 July 2013, Léonard Cossi Hinnou (INRAB) and Marc Schut (WUR) conducted fieldwork in Benin. Based on the earlier work of our PhD-candidate Simon N’cho, three field sites were selected: Dassa-Zoumé Commune (Collines Department), Kandi Commune (Alibori Department) and Tanguiéta Commune (Atakora Department). In these three field sites, parasitic weeds in rainfed rice production are problematic. Key

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