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CCAFS Science Meeting

Between 17-20 March 2013, Jonne Rodenburg and Marc Schut participated in the Science Meeting of the CGIAR research programme on Climate Change in Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS). Jonne represented AfricaRice and Marc was invited to provide input on social learning, which was a key theme during the meeting. The science meeting started from the idea that social learning can

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Update postdoctoral research project

Marc Schut has been analysing data and writing on two articles. Paper 1: Systems approaches to innovation in crop protection The first article is a literature review of systems approaches to innovation in the crop protection literature. The literature review includes the analysis of over 100 research papers and reviews to explore (a) the importance of technology-oriented approaches versus systems-oriented

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Update PhD-project 1

Stella Kabiri has been working on two manuscripts. The first paper is titled, ‘Ecological differences between Rhamphicarpa fistulosa and Striga asiatica in parasitism of rain-fed rice in Sub-Saharan Africa’. This paper describes that both Rhamphicarpa, a facultative parasite and Striga spp., an obligate parasite, have their distribution in similar regions in the continent. Yet rice cultivation has been driven into the

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Parasite Programme Poster

We have developed a Parasite Programme poster that can be used for promoting our project during conferences, seminars and meetings. The poster includes a general description of the three PhD-projects and the postdoctoral project. Furthermore, the integrated framework and expected results are described. The poster is printed on A0 and A1 format. Please contact Marc Schut when you would like

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IDS Knowledge Exchange Event on learning for climate and development policy

Marc Schut participated in a Knowledge Exchange event that was held at the Institute for Development Studies (IDS) in Brighton on 5 and 6 March 2013. The knowledge exchange attracted a variety of participants, representing international development organisations, universities and CGIAR agricultural research institutes. The knowledge exchange was organised around the theme of “learning for climate and development policy”. Marc

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