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Update PhD-research Stella Kabiri

This is an update on the first part of my experimental season in Wageningen university, The Netherlands (June-November 2011) and (December-July 2012) at Africa Rice Center in collaboration with Mikocheni Agricultural Research Institute in Tanzania. In these two periods I have conducted greenhouse experiments and a field survey in Kyela, a rice growing district in Tanzania. The experiments investigated  the

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New LI6400XT leaf photosynthesis meter AfricaRice

The LI6400XT of LI-COR is an advanced leaf photosynthesis meter. AfricaRice has purchased this equipment for use in the Parasite project. It will enable us to get a better understanding of host‐parasite interactions (of parasitic weeds in rain-fed rice) as affected by present and future environmental conditions. Parasitic weeds extract nutrients, water and plant metabolites from their host and they

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Innovation Systems paper Klerkx and Schut published in IDS-bulletin

A paper authored by Parasite project members Laurens Klerkx and Marc Schut has been published in IDS bulletin. Abstract The process of knowledge brokering in the agricultural sector, where it is generally called agricultural extension, has been studied since the 1950s. While agricultural extension initially employed research push models, it gradually moved towards research pull and collaborative research models. The

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Update PhD research Simon N’cho

This updates includes a short overview of the first part of my PhD field research in Benin and my second period (June-September 2012) at Wageningen University, The Netherlands. During those two periods, the main activities I have conducted include field and farmer survey, data management, preparation of the complementary data collection in Benin and baseline data in Cote d’Ivoire, the descriptive

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Update postdoc research Marc Schut

The fieldwork in Tanzania for the postdoc research in the Parasite project is halfway. It has been a very interesting research project so far. Main activities have been conducting fieldwork and developing an analytical framework to study and analyse the innovation capacity of the agricultural system in Tanzania. These activities have been carried out in a parallel fashion. Below I

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Rice parboiling paper co-authored by Simon N’cho

Summary – The widespread use of traditional rice-parboiling methods in Benin leads to poor quality of final rice. To address this problem, the national agricultural research institute of Benin and Africa Rice Center have developed improved rice parboiling technology. An educational video developed by AfricaRice was used for it diffusion. Women have expressed high interest in the use of the

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