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Fieldwork Morogoro (part 2) and rotary weeder workshop

9-12 July 2012 Jonne Rodenburg Juma Kayeke Marc Schut Rotary weeder workshop This week, AfricaRice organised a workshop for blacksmiths from different parts of Tanzania on how to make rotary weeders to mechanically weed lowland rice fields. The workshop started with a general introduction on weed and weed management in rice. Subsequently different types of rotary weeders were presented. After

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MSc-research Damien Lenglet

Damien Lenglet is an Erasmus student in Wageningen since February 2012. He started his internship at the Crop and Weed Ecology Group in May and will finish on August 31. Damien pursues an MSc in Crop Science in Anger (France) at the Ecole Supérieure d'Agriculture (ESA). During his internship he is supervised by Aad van Ast and Lammert Bastiaans. Rhamphicarpa

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Fieldwork postdoc research

Dr. Juma M. Kayeke (principle officer Mikocheni Agricultural Research Institute –MARI) Dr. Marc Schut (postdoc researcher AfricaRice and Wageningen University) What did we do? During the 10-day fieldwork trip (24 June – 3 July 2012) we worked in Uyole, Mbeya, Kyela, Ugurusi (Mbeya region, southern highland zone) Morogoro and Dakawa (Morogoro region, eastern zone). In total 25 people representing 19 different

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Sustainable Agricultural Innovation Systems (SAIS)

The Sustainable Agricultural Innovation Systems (SAIS) for Food Security and Environmental Protection. This essay by Diana Alarcón and Christina Bodouroglou is part of a series of think pieces reflecting on the importance of bringing the social dimension back into discussions about green economy and sustainable development. The Agricultural Innovation Systems approach provides a theoretical framework in the Parasite postdoc project. The full essay

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