Weedsbook: a social network for weed science students and professionals

Weedsbook is an open-access collaborative platform that enables students and professionals, to share information and publications on weeds (e.g. management, identification, biology, ecology, distribution) and any other relevant issues (e.g. events, funding opportunities, scholarships, conferences, workshops), with a broad community of peers working in and/or for Africa. While membership  to Weedsbook is free of charge and obligations, it enables access to a myriad of information sources, contacts with colleagues and the possibility to participate in discussion fora. Weedsbook can also facilitate wider dissemination of your own outputs (such as research findings and products) and may as such enhance the impact of your work.

Weedsbook can be accessed through the portal AFROweeds (www.afroweeds.org) by clicking on “Collaborative platform”.

The longer term aim is to make Weedsbook the communication platform for a future “African weed science network”.

For more information, contact Jonne Rodenburg.