Update postdoctoral research project

Marc Schut has been analysing data and writing on two articles.

Paper 1: Systems approaches to innovation in crop protection

The first article is a literature review of systems approaches to innovation in the crop protection literature. The literature review includes the analysis of over 100 research papers and reviews to explore (a) the importance of technology-oriented approaches versus systems-oriented approaches, and (b) what type of systems-oriented approaches are used in crop protection literature. We use ‘transfer of technology’, ‘national agricultural research systems’, ‘farming systems’, agricultural knowledge and information systems’, and ‘agricultural innovation systems’ as frame of reference. We conclude that the full extent of systems approaches to agricultural innovation has not been explored in crop protection.

Paper 2: Agricultural Innovation Systems analysis

In the second article, the agricultural innovation systems (AIS) approach is used to study crop protection and extension in Tanzania. This paper is based on fieldwork conducted between June and November 2012. Data was gathered through interviews, secondary data analysis and multi-stakeholder workshops in three regions in Tanzania; Kyela, Morogoro and Songea. The paper identifies opportunities and constraints for institutional innovations that can enhance the control and prevention of parasitic weeds in rainfed rice production systems in Tanzania.

Workshops and seminars

In March he will participate in two workshops under the broader Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) programme on participatory research and social learning. The photo included was taken during one of the meetings held at the Institute for Development Studies in Brighton, UK. A short summary of the workshop was uploaded on this website. In May, he will present his findings during a workshop on Agricultural Innovation Systems in Africa held in Nairobi. From June onwards, Marc will start data collection in Benin.