Summary postdoc seminar 25 May 2012

On Friday 25 May 2012 Marc Schut organised a seminar about the postdoc research in the postdoc research.

The seminar started at 13:00 hr and after the introduction, guest speaker Stephen Sherwood talked about different paradigms in crop protection in his presentation entitled: “Working with conflicting paradigms in IPM; experiences from the Andes”. After a short debate, Lammert Bastiaans continued with an overview of the parasite project. Next Marc gave a presentation that included, a historical overview of changes in thinking about agricultural research and extension; resulting in an explanation of the Agricultural Innovation Systems perspective. Next he analysed similar developments in crop protection and weed research literature.

Subsequently, Marc explained his research approach for the coming months of fieldwork in Tanzania. The focus will be on describing and analysing the crop protection system in Tanzania. Interviews and the analysis of secondary data (legislation, reports, etc.) will be used to gather data. The analysis will demonstrate the opportunities and challenges for innovations in the crop protection system, from which more action-oriented activities can be developed. Similar activities will later be carried out in Benin. Following the presentation, a lively debate unfolded in which a broad variety of issues were discussed. The seminar closed around 15:45 hr.

Both Stephen Sherwood's and Marc Schut's presentations are accessable on the website. Click here for Stephen Sherwood's presentation. Click here for Marc's presentation. For more information you can contact Marc Schut.

The following project members participated: Lammert Bastiaans, Aad van Ast, Monique Mourits, Ton Rotteveel and Laurens Klerkx.