Postdoc project – Sociology and innovation systems – Josey Kamanda

Short description

Evaluating and addressing the institutional dynamics of crop protection, extension and weed management in SSA using an agricultural innovation systems approach.


  • To what extent does the innovation systems failure framework or systemic instruments framework provide starting points for developing a sustainable and dynamic innovation system around the problem of parasitic weeds in smallholder rice farming in Tanzania?
  • How to contribute to creating an enabling environment for stakeholders to explore and design strategies for dealing with parasitic weeds in smallholder rice farming in Tanzania; now and in the future?

Research approach and methods

  • Multi-level stakeholder network analysis;
  • Crop protection systems analysis;
  • Develop historical institutional perspective on crop protection and weed management;
  • Explore opportunities for action-oriented component: contribute to creating an enabling environment for dealing with the issue of parasitic weeds in smallholder, rainfed rice farming in Tanzania and Benin.
Data collection methods:
  • Semi-structured interviewing (using a topic list, snowball sampling)
  • Analysis of secondary data (reports, policies and strategies, etc.)
  • Field visits (interviews, observe understand crop protection and weed management practice)
  • Multi-stakeholder workshops

Expected outputs

  1. Literature review on the use of systemic approaches to agricultural innovation in the crop protection literatureing in SSA
  2. Crop protection systems analysis in Tanzania
  3. Crop protection systems analysis in Benin
  4. Comparative analysis of Tanzania and Benin
  5. Create space for innovation: explore what/ how innovative institutional spaces for multi-stakeholder learning can be developed?
Documents and Videos for this sub-project

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