PhD-project 1 – Biology and ecology – Stella Kabiri

Short description

Understanding how host-parasite interactions for economically important parasitic weed species of rain-fed rice in sub-Saharan Africa are differentially affected by environmental conditions


Obtaining insights in how local environmental conditions determine the presence of parasitic weeds and the interactions with their hosts; to envisage future infestations and effects and generate pointers for sustainable and effective control strategies


Greenhouse and growth chamber experiments on different life-cycle stages of the parasite with temp., CO2, water ranges; modelling.

Expected outputs

  • Sound understanding of the biology and ecology of R. fistulosa
  • Identification of major factors determining the prevalence of R. fistulosa and Striga species
  • Provision of clues for rigorous control of both categories of parasitic weeds in rice
Documents and Videos for this sub-project

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