Special issue on parasitic weeds in Weed Science

Weed Science has recently published a special issue on parasitic weeds. The papers are:

  • Aly, R., 2012. Advanced Technologies for Parasitic Weed Control. Weed Sci. 60, 290-294.
  • Eizenberg, H., Aly, R., Cohen, Y., 2012. Technologies for Smart Chemical Control of Broomrape (Orobanche spp. and Phelipanche spp.). Weed Sci. 60, 316-323.
  • Mallory-Smith, C., Colquhoun, J., 2012. Small Broomrape (Orobanche minor) in Oregon and the 3 Rs: Regulation, Research, and Reality. Weed Sci. 60, 277-282.
  • Parker, C., 2012. Parasitic Weeds: A World Challenge. Weed Sci. 60, 269-276.
  • Ransom, J., Kanampiu, F., Gressel, J., De Groote, H., Burnet, M., Odhiambo, G., 2012. Herbicide Applied to Imidazolinone Resistant-Maize Seed as a Striga Control Option for Small-Scale African Farmers. Weed Sci. 60, 283-289.
  • Tasker, A.V., Westwood, J.H., 2012. The U.S. Witchweed Eradication Effort Turns 50: A Retrospective and Look-Ahead on Parasitic Weed Management. Weed Sci. 60, 267-268.
  • Timko, M.P., Huang, K., Lis, K.E., 2012. Host Resistance and Parasite Virulence in Striga–Host Plant Interactions: A Shifting Balance of Power. Weed Sci. 60, 307-315.
  • Westwood, J.H., dePamphilis, C.W., Das, M., Fernández-Aparicio, M., Honaas, L.A., Timko, M.P., Wafula, E.K., Wickett, N.J., Yoder, J.I., 2012. The Parasitic Plant Genome Project: New Tools for Understanding the Biology of Orobanche and Striga. Weed Sci. 60, 295-306.

More information can be found on the Weed Science website.