Summary postdoc seminar Marc Schut, AfricaRice, Tanzania

On 15 June 2012, Marc Schut presented his postdoc research (proposal) to  AfricaRice and IRRI colleagues in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania. Marc has started his work in Tanzania this week. His postdoc research is part of the Parasite project and will focus on analysing the Crop Protection System in Tanzania using the Agricultural Innovation Systems perspective.

The presentation included a personal introduction, an overview of evolutions in thinking about agricultural research, preliminary results of a literature study and interviews with project members, the postdoc research approach, planning and expected outputs.

The presentation was attended by 13 participants, including AfricaRice and IRRI staff, PhD-students and technical assistants. After the presentation a lively discussion on research methods, analytical framework and different views on doing scientific research unfolded. The research is quite different from the type of work that is generally being done at AfricaRice, but the participants see the synergy the research can contribute to.

Click here for the pdf of the powerpoint presentation.

Click here for more information about the postdoc project in Parasite.