Publication: Towards dynamic research configurations

Marc Schut, Annemarie van Paassen, Cees Leeuwis and Laurens Klerkx have published a paper entitled "Towards dynamic research configurations: A framework for reflection on the contribution of research to policy and innovation processes." The conceptual paper builds on Marc's PhD research and First page jpgpostdoc research in the Parasite Programme and analyses the complex role of research and researchers when supporting mulit-actor policy and innovation processes.


This paper seeks to contribute to a better understanding of the complex dynamics that shape the contribution of research to policy and innovation processes that address ‘competing claims’ on natural resources and their management. Research in the context of competing claims requires strategies that: (1) can cope with high uncertainty and unpredictability; (2) are concerned with understanding the multiple dimensions of the issue at stake; (3) can facilitate change across different scales and levels; (4) include collaboration with different actors and stakeholders; and (5) may imply new roles for research and researchers. This paper reviews and builds upon research approaches to address these challenges. These research approaches are combined in a framework for dynamic research configurations that aims to stimulate reflection among researchers and to promote more embedded, context-sensitive and flexible research strategies.

More information

More information can be found on the Science and Public Policy website: Please contact Marc Schut if you would like to receive a pdf of the publication.