Parasite progress workshop 17 June 2014

On Tuesday 17 June 2014, the Parasite team met for a workshop in Wageningen, the Netherlands. The key objective of the workshop was to discuss (1) overall progress of the different subprojects (including completed activities and outputs), (2) present work in progress (ongoing activities/ paper(s) in preparation), and (3) the way forward (planning and to be developed outputs).

The presentations that were prepared by each of the subproject’s representatives can be found on the website.

Presentation subproject 1 Stella Kabiri

Presentation subproject 2 Dennis Tippe (presentation by Jonne Rodenburg)

Presentation subproject 3 Simon N’cho

Presentation subproject 4 Marc Schut

IMG_5669 (Large)Following the presentations we visited the Wageningen University greenhouse to have a look at research experiments by MSc students. We finalised the day with a discussion on writing a joint paper that reflects on the added value of Parasite’s integrated research approach. Each of the project members provided examples on how the interdisciplinary, multi-level and multi-stakeholder research approach enriched the project and generated insights that the different subprojects individually would not been able to provide.

For each of the subprojects a short summary can be found on the website.

Summary subproject 1 Stella Kabiri

Summary subproject 2 Dennis Tippe

Summary subproject 3 Simon N’cho

Summary subproject 4 Marc Schut