PARASITE decision making tool RAAIS applied in Kazakhstan

Rapid Appraisal of Agricultural Innovation Systems (RAAIS) has been applied in a program on climate change adaptation in Southeast Kazakhstan.

raais-kazakhstanThe authors reflect on the usefulness of the RAAIS approach and consider the overall effectiveness of the method as a research tool, practical issues in the implementation ofworkshops, definition of and selection of participant groups, as well as the questions of participation and empowerment within the workshops themselves.

The authors find that although RAAIS is adaptable to alternative theoretical frameworks, its implementation in different socio-cultural and political contexts may require more consideration than is apparent in previous discussions. In particular, the appropriate training of workshop organisers is of crucial importance to the success of this methodology.

These findings will be useful to those adapting participatory research methods to different research topics and contexts more broadly.

The short communication has been published in Agricultural Systems.