MSc-research Djoeke Langeloo

I am studying the reproductive success of Striga asiatica and Rhamphicarpa fistulosa related to different sowing dates and crop cycle length. So I am looking if the number of capsules and the number of seeds produced by the weeds will change with a different sowing date of the rice (sown between half December 2011 and half February 2012) and/or with different crop cycle durations. I will do this by counting the  number of weed plants that emerges in the harvestable area. After harvest all weeds will be harvested and the number of capsules produced will be counted. Also the number of seeds, produced per capsules will be counted in a sun sample.

I started the research on the 16th of January in Tanzania and I will be back on the 1st of July in The Netherlands. Thereafter I have to finish my thesis report and then it is done.

My research is supervised by Lammert Bastiaans and Jonne Rodenburg. The research is mainly part of sub-project 2 of Mwalimu Menza. However, I also supported some activities in sub-project 1 of Stella Kabiri.

I just visited our experimental fields in Kyela (see photo). We have harvested the first plots in the Striga field, so now I can start counting capsules and seed production. By now the Rhamphicarpa had started flowering as well, so hopefully it will produce capsules soon.

For more information please contact Djoeke.