Fieldwork postdoc research

Dr. Juma M. Kayeke (principle officer Mikocheni Agricultural Research Institute –MARI)
Dr. Marc Schut (postdoc researcher AfricaRice and Wageningen University)

What did we do?

During the 10-day fieldwork trip (24 June – 3 July 2012) we worked in Uyole, Mbeya, Kyela, Ugurusi (Mbeya region, southern highland zone) Morogoro and Dakawa (Morogoro region, eastern zone). In total 25 people representing 19 different institutes or sub-departments in institutes were interviewed. Among the interviewed stakeholders were representatives of regional and district level government, national agricultural research institutes, farmer associations, agricultural training institutes, Tanzania’s agricultural university and public and private seed companies.

Research approach?

Leading interview topics were related to organisational structure, collaboration with other stakeholders, procedures for dealing with crop protection, plant health and extension, and approaches for dealing with Striga and/or Rhamphicarpa in smallholder rice production. We also explored the extent to which crop protection legislation was actually implemented at the local level and what were seen as the main opportunities and challenges for dealing with parasitic weeds in smallholder rainfed rice production. A number of follow-up activities and interviews have been scheduled, and we are exploring the need for extending similar fieldwork activities in other parts in the country.


Below, a number of photos can be found.