Fieldwork Morogoro (part 2) and rotary weeder workshop

9-12 July 2012

Jonne Rodenburg
Juma Kayeke
Marc Schut

Rotary weeder workshop

This week, AfricaRice organised a workshop for blacksmiths from different parts of Tanzania on how to make rotary weeders to mechanically weed lowland rice fields. The workshop started with a general introduction on weed and weed management in rice. Subsequently different types of rotary weeders were presented. After that, participants were divided in three groups to develop three different types of rotary weeders. After two days of drawing, cutting, welding and adjusting the weeders were presented, discussed and tested in the field. It was a very lively and hands-on workshop and blacksmiths were enthusiastic about manufacturing the rotary weeders in their own workshops. AfricaRice is working on promotion videos with the objective to trigger demand for the weeders among farmers.

Postdoc fieldwork and socio-economic survey

For the postdoc-research, more interviews were conducted in and around Morogoro. Marc Schut and Juma Kayeke visited the Regional Agricultural Office, and had discussions with the District Agricultural and Livestock Officer and District Extension Officer of Morogoro Rural district. Also, the national farmers’ association MVIWATA was visited, and we spoke to a respresentative of the USAID NAFAKA project.

The coming days, Juma Kayeke and his enumerators will start the socio-economic survey on parasitic weeds in Morogoro rural district. After that, they continue to Kyela and Songea districts to conduct the survey.

Below some photos of the workshop can be found.