CCAFS Science Meeting

Between 17-20 March 2013, Jonne Rodenburg and Marc Schut participated in the Science Meeting of the CGIAR research programme on Climate Change in Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS). Jonne represented AfricaRice and Marc was invited to provide input on social learning, which was a key theme during the meeting.

The science meeting started from the idea that social learning can support CCAFS in achieving its objectives and outcomes. The different representatives of the CGIAR centres discussed how social learning theory differs from their current practices in terms of inter-centre collaboration and working together with different groups of stakeholders such as farmers, national agricultural research institutes and policy makers.

Follow up activities emerged from the meeting. Marc has been invited to contribute to a working paper on agricultural innovation, and Marc and Jonne developed ideas around a new literature review on social learning and climate research. We have also highlighted some Parasite programme outcomes that are eligible for support by CCAFS communication office in terms of its dissemination and spread.