APPLY NOW for the Global Rice Science Scholarship

APPLY NOW for the Global Rice Science Scholarship

If you are about to enroll in or conduct your PhD research, you could be part of a new generation of rice scientists with a Global Rice Science Scholarship (GRiSS).

GRiSPThe GRiSS offers young scientists the chance to be experts in a scientific discipline relevant to agriculture and to have a broader understanding of global issues that affect rice science for development.

The GRiSS is a great opportunity for scientists who are in the early stages of their career and are working in a national agricultural research and extension system in a developing country.

All GRiSS are awarded on a competitive basis for developed- and developing-country candidate participation. A Selection Committee composed of the head of training or his or her counterpart from the research institution involved, the head of the research unit and program involved, and concerned scientists will evaluate candidates based on the following eligibility requirements.Research topics, host institutes, and contact information:

There are two topics on parasitic weeds

Developing durable and acceptable management options against Striga asiatica for upland rice-based cropping systems in Madagascar:*eFLOFtSVxNcpw6uiyZukCGUTaTRN*ZA-

Developing integrated strategies for resource-poor rice farmers to control the parasitic weed Rhamphicarpa:*eFLOFtSVxOH.67l8S0uY9EZJaaAzwIA-