3 Multi-stakeholder workshops Parasite project Tanzania

For the postdoc project, Marc Schut is going on a 2,5 week fieldwork trip in Tanzania. Together with Juma Kayeke (MARI-Tanzania) and Enos Onyuka (AfricaRice) he is organising 3 multi-stakeholder workshops in three different regions in Tanzania (Songea, Kyela and Morogoro). In each of the workshops farmers, civil society representatives, private sector, government representatives and research and training institutes will participate. The objective of the workshop is to support these groups of stakeholders in analysing the constraints and challenges they face in relation to rice farming and particularly problems with parasitic weeds. In the regions where the workshops will be held, Marc and Kayeke have previously interviewed stakeholders and a socio-economic survey has been conducted in the 3 regions. Together this will provide interesting data to analyse different types of (agricultural) innovation systems, that positions the problem of parasitic weeds in a broader perspective.

In Songea and in Morogoro, a second workshop day is organised for the PhD-project of Mwalimu Menza. The objective is – amongst others – to organise farmer participatory discussions on strategies for parasitic weed management.

The photo shows preparations in the Dar es Salaam office of AfricaRice.